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Emerald Property Services

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Toronto, Ontario

Ted Grant
(416) 941-1703
Project Description:
Emerald provides property management services to office building landlords in G.T.A. area. Blueprint has been assisting Emerald in providing prospective tenants with various preliminary floor plan options and complete budget estimates. One of the key elements in servicing this client is quick turn-around time. Blueprint has provided an average turn-around time of 24 hours for space planning 1,000 to 10,000 square feet of typical office space. On Average, 70% of tenants who received feasibility plans and budget estimates for their targeted space, have signed a lease agreement with Emerald. Following signing the lease, Blueprint has provided complete turnkey design services to facilitate the construction of the leased space on or under the original budget estimates. A list of completed turnkey projects to date are:

Lamon Lamon + Stuart + Michaels

Leased: Nov. 10, 1998
Completed: Jan. 15, 1999

Stockhouse 335 Bay Street Stockhouse Media Corp.

Leased: March 15, 1999
Completed: April 2, 1999

InvestorPlus InvestorPlus

Leased: April 2, 9199
Completed: May 15, 1999

Stockhouse 372 Bay Street Stockhouse Media Corp. Expansion

Leased: July 21, 1999
Completed: Sept. 7, 1999

Media Management Group
Leased: Jan. 20, 1999
Completed: Feb. 23, 1999
Catalyst Career Strategies
Leased: Feb. 14, 1999
Completed: March 1, 1999
Warren Shepell Consultants Corp.
Leased: Feb. 23, 1999
Completed: March 30, 1999
Mancia & Mancia
Leased: March 12, 1999
Completed: March 31, 1999
Mackenzie, Ray, Heron & Edwardh
Leased: Jan. 11, 1999
Completed: Feb. 1, 1999
Goldman, Sloan, Nash
Leased: March 1, 1999
Completed: April 3, 1999
Osmington Inc.
Leased: June 18, 1999
Completed: July 31, 1999
Cadogan Associates
Leased: July 28, 2000
Completed: Sept. 15, 2000
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